Gråter din bebis? Då borde du prova massera dessa 5 punkter för att lugna ditt barn

Most people have heard of reflexology, but not everybody knows what benefits it can bring.

Zone therapy is a foot massage that works by stimulating the nerve end of the feet, which corresponds to different body areas and organs – this is extremely relaxing.

Reflexology on children is a great way to supplement child massage. Instead of spending time on a full massage session, reflexology is a quick and easy means to calm down your baby, as this can be done at any time, in the car, in the waiting room or at the picnic.


Reflexology is suitable for infants up to 2 years of age
According to Nourish, children’s feet are still very small and have an oval shape during their first year of life, and therefore this method fits infants. Before then, the arch in the foot has not begun to develop yet.

You can use reflexology as a natural treatment or as a preventative maintenance tool for good health. But, of course, you should seek a qualified doctor if you are worried. Below you will find instructions on which part of the foot stimulates the different body areas.

Before the massage starts, you should focus on getting the blood flow in your child’s feet, through soothing strokes on the foot or a hot bath.



If you think your child experiences headache or toothache, you should massage the toe tips, this can be done while the child is asleep.

The chest
If the child in question feels a pressure on the chest or has difficulty breathing, mild pressure and massage just below the toes in circular movements relieve pain or cough problems.

Stomach ulcer (Solar plexus)
Solarplexus is a collection of nerves hidden between the stomach and the lungs, and it is attached to a point in the middle of the foot.
For children who have an unbelievable stomach it may help to massage the middle of the foot, just below the footsteps.

Abdominal pain
To help relieve constipation, heartburn or indigestion it may help if you massage the area between the middle of the foot and the heel.

The sinuses (Sinus)
Having pain in the sinuses as an adult may be so painful. For a child who has never experienced the pain before, it can be extremely difficult. To relieve pain, you can massage the underside of the baby’s toes with gentle pressure.

Children sometimes tend to grow faster than some parts of the body are ready for. This often affects the groin which causes pain. Massage or rub the heels to help with that problem.

Finally, we would like to point out again to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor if your child has health problems. These tricks are more for you to get to know your baby and, in the best of cases, get rid of mild pain or cramps.

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