Estelles härliga dag på jobbet – firade mamma med en katt

Princess Estelle got free from preschool to go to Te Deum – and to celebrate her mother’s name.

In a dark blue velvet hat, she charmed everyone, even a cat.

Princess Estelle, 6, usually goes to preschool in the days.

But, as a princess, she has a special situation – and when it’s time for royal celebrations, she sometimes has to take free time.

Then it was also on Te Deum for the little princess Adrienne, when she followed Victoria and Daniel at the front of the church bench.



Immediately afterwards there was lunch. An intimate one with about 25 guests, mainly family but also some representatives of the official Sweden.

“Estelle sat silently between her parents and was very calm and sensible,” says one of the guests.

 The menu after Te Deum was Japanese

The menu is nothing that the commander communicates, but one of the Expressen’s respondents tells that it was completely Japanese. It not only appreciated Estelle – but all the guests agreed that it was one of the better lunches offered at the castle.

In a dark blue velvet hat, Estelle stood and listened to the music performed. Photo: PELLE T NILSSON / STELLA PICTURES PELLE T NILSSON

Immediately after lunch it was the name celebration of Crown Princess Victoria. Then Princess Estelle came out with Mom Victoria and Dad Daniel. In a dark blue velvet hat she stood listening to the music that was performed, and then she went to her mother for the whole celebration while Victoria received gifts.

“My helper is fixing this,” said the Crown Princess when she received gifts that she then left over to Princess Estelle who helped her mother to wear.


Princess Estelle laughed with a cat
Even though it was Victoria that was the focus of the day, Princess Estelle charmed at least as many.

Even a cat, who came with someone from the public, became curious at Estelle. They stood looking at each other for a long time, and Estelle laughed happily when she saw the little kiss.


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