7 anledningar till varför vi älskar födelsedagsbarnet Leif GW Persson

It’s no ordinary day because it’s the birthday of criminologist Leif GW Persson. There is talk of celebrities in all honors, but there is no criminologist who is so famous and so loved as Leif GW Persson. With his sharp heavy and sharp analytical ability, he always lies the step before, and he dares to say no-one else does. Today he is 73 years old, and we want to celebrate by paying attention to why he is worthy of love.

In order to..

1: He puts pressure on the police
Leif GW Persson’s ability to embark on how criminals think that he always lies ahead when it comes to criminal investigations. When he also questioned the police publicly in “Crime of the Week” and “Desired”, the pressure to solve the crimes is high at the constables.

2: We Get To Know How A Genius Thinkes
Leif GW Persson has given us twelve novels who imprison no one else. When he released an autobiography in 2011, the success was an immediate fact.

3: He has an iconic sighing and cruel

4: Saying things straight, even if it involves trampling people quite tears.
“A number of juvenile psychopaths that are safe for safety. Used roughly and which will be labeled for the life of that damn program, “GW said about the participants at Paradise Hotel in a” Home at “report in Expressen.

5: Because he is generous
Because he was so empathetic that he offered Lotta Lundgren millions when she was tough after the divorce. She told her in a section of Renées jetty.

6: Because he chooses his words well … ..
“It testifies to a completely bottomless incompetence,” GW said about the police’s intervention at a shooting in Västerås this fall.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

7: How he commented on his own weight loss
“So I’ve been transformed from flattery to normal thickets,” GW said in a feature of News Morning in TV4.

The list of reasons to love GW can be done long, but we chose to limit ourselves to seven. Please share in celebrating the birthday child GW because he is himself.

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