Extra många trafikkontroller på svenska vägarna just nu – var beredd att få blåsa

Again, it is time for one of the police’s weeks of action and this time it is the sobriety that is in focus.

– We will be in places we do not usually wear, commenting on the police on Facebook.

And the response is great.

The Swedish police regularly have so-called intervention weeks where they focus extraordinarily on a particular area. Often it is in cooperation with other EU police.

This week, March 12-18, is the sobriety that is in focus and there will be extra many blue controls on the Swedish roads.

– Our sobriety checks will be spread in both time and space. We will be in places we do not usually wear, we will follow up the tips we have received from you and we will stand where we know that people drive a car even though they are affected, announcing the police in their various channels.

 Fewer drunken drivers save lives in traffic

The purpose of both this week of action – and the decision to provide information about it – is, of course, to get rid of drivers driving intoxicated.

– 2016 killed 83 people on Swedish roads in accidents that were alcohol or drug-related. Reducing the number of inaccurate drivers in traffic saves lives, commenting on the police.

If a drunk driver is discovered, the police co-operate with addiction, according to SMADIT, who is in charge of interaction with alcohol and drugs in traffic. This means that the person is helped to meet staff from the social services or addictive care. There you can talk about what has happened and give the opportunity to change the life situation. The person himself decides if there will be a continued contact.

 Great response to the police on Facebook

The police’s notice of the week of intervention has been met by a lot of engagement on Facebook. Here are just a few of the comments:

– Great, drive on!

– Thank you for being there and making my children’s way to school safer!

– Lovely, you are so welcome!

– Wonderful! Good work!

– You should not publish it in public.

Source:  https://www.expressen.se

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