24 döda i snökaoset – nu varnas trafikanter för blixthala vägar

The hard winter came a bit like a lightning from a clear blue sky, and the chaos on the country’s roads was an immediate fact. The low temperature and heavy rainfall have caused people to sneak in or fall into traffic accidents, but it is far from everything. Now the Red Cross reports that at least 24 people died because of the weather.


The cold that hit the country has hit hard against many parts of Europe. Outside Sweden, the climate has been nicknamed “Beast from the East,” when it cost homeless their lives. In Belgium it has been so bad that homeless people have been arrested to save themselves from the cold overnight, The Guardian writes.

The Red Cross Appeals to the Public
On Sunday it was clear that at least 24 people died as a result of the cold either because they were frozen dead or in traffic. Therefore, the Red Cross urges everyone to help exposed and not to go out on the roads, it writes Aftonbladet.

Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

The roads are slippery as skating rinks
According to meteorologists, it is colder is common in Sweden this time of year, and the cold lasts for at least the week. SVT writes that the Swedish Transport Administration is running the maximum capacity to get rid of all snow, and according to the authority’s press head, many roads are slippery as skating rinks.


Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

Make sure your loved ones are careful out in the snow box. Please share to help warn others who want to get out of the way.

Source:  https://sv.stories.newsner.com

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